Don’t know what to give? How about a meal voucher for Vall de Cavall Restaurant?

Christmas 2020 is going to be very different to the traditional festive period for most of us, and we recognize that here at

Cavall Valley

. There is one main reason why we can’t follow our usual routine, and the pleasant run up to the vacation season. It’s the elephant in the room, but we have to face it and deal with it.


This has changed our lives beyond recognition, and not just for those unfortunate enough to have been directly or indirectly affected by the virus. The outbreak has changed life as we know it at , and the main effect here in Spain is that many families will not be able to travel, either within Spain or to their home countries to spend time with friends and family.

And if you usually receive guests from other countries for Christmas, New Year’s and Epiphany, that may not happen either. So another question immediately arises: how can we exchange gifts with our loved ones? The postal system can be expensive and more pressured than usual at this time of year, again because of Covid-19. Even if you manage to send gifts, can you be sure they will arrive on time?

Vall de Cavall

We have a perfect solution to your gifting problems, and it’s a gift that can’t spoil, and will keep until your loved ones can take advantage of it. Please contact us and ask us:

Food vouchers from Vall de Cavall Restaurant:

This year, with all the mobilization problems caused by closures around the world and non-essential store closures, shopping has become a different experience for everyone. More and more people have moved to online shopping, and companies have started to find other ways to keep their customers happy, and their staff on the job.

One of these simple but effective measures is the issuance of vouchers for future use. Traditionally, gift certificates have long been available for those who didn’t know what to buy that man (or woman) who seems to have everything. Now, since we are still subject to restrictions, it makes a lot of sense to give away food vouchers. It is a perfect gift for lovers of good food. That’s most of us, right?

Vall de Cavall

In Vall de Cavall we are aware that each person is individual, in their preferences and budget, so we invite you to contact us to arrange the purchase of your voucher, online, by phone, or by calling to see us during business hours. See our

Contact page

page to find out how to contact us.

We will be happy to send your voucher to the recipient, with a message from you. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment for vouchers over the phone. It must be by bank transfer. Our staff can advise you on the best way to purchase your vouchers. And you can be sure that when your loved ones come to redeem their voucher, they will be treated like the good friends they will be when they come to Vall de Cavall Restaurant. We look forward to helping you solve your Christmas – or birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion – gift problems. See you soon.

Vall de Cavall