Ready for next season? We are pleased to announce our reopening!

In Vall de Cavall everything is ready to welcome you again next week. We have missed you all.

Your favorite restaurant, located in the middle of nature, surrounded by a beautiful swimming pool and with an outdoor terrace, awaits you to enjoy the breathtaking views while tasting its magnificent menus and exquisite new dishes.


Good times and the best gastronomy await you. Take a look at some of our new dishes.

Grilled shrimp with shrimp bread


Sautéed cuttlefish with almonds


Veal steak tartare with marrow


Our fine dining menu has some of the best dishes you will ever experience and manager Hatim and his staff will provide you with first class service at all times, as always.

At Vall de Cavall, we hope you have missed us as much as we have missed all of you.  We are looking forward to sharing good times with all of you!

See you next week.