At Vall de Cavall we love to be in contact with our customers.

We may all have to wear masks to hide our smiles at these times, but we can’t hide the love we feel for our work, and for our wonderful clients. Food, nature, horses and family are what matter most to us here in our beautiful corner of Spain, and we love to share our joy with you. We also like to celebrate our style of cooking and talk about our ingredients. If you want to do more than just relax at our tables and enjoy the food, you can be in touch with us, wherever you are in the world. It’s like taking a piece of Vall de Cavall home, and that’s how you can do it.


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Vall de Cavall has had a YouTube channel for some years now, and during the months when the restaurant was closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, our chef de cuisine Hatim Khaled took advantage of the time to experiment with new dishes and keep in touch with our many loyal customers. Watch

Vall de Cavall’s kitchen

and subscribe to the channel to not miss any of our videos. There are a couple of interesting versions of paella, plus a video of slow-roasted Black Angus ribs that are marinated for 5 days and cooked for 14 hours before being finished off on the grill. You can almost smell it cooking, and imagine how tender it must be after all that love and special attention.


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If you still don’t like our Facebook page, give us a “like” so we’ll let you know when we’re going to do a Facebook Live. Recently, Hatim cooked a live paella, and everyone was able to see the special ingredients in Vall de Cavall’s version of paella. We honor the land around us, which provides us with the fresh ingredients with which we cook every day, and also the nearby sea, from which we obtain fresh seafood for your gastronomic delight. And we regularly publish photos of our new dishes, as we create new culinary adventures every day. It’s what we like to do and what we live for.


But it’s not all work: we also have a lot of fun, as this photo shows with one of our youngest regular diners. You see, here at Vall de Cavall, we don’t just want you to eat and run, because for us, you are not just table numbers, you are our friends and family, and we want you to come back to see us again and again, and be part of the sensory adventure we have created here, for your pleasure and ours.


Vall de Cavall


Come see us soon and enjoy with us the changing colors of autumn in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us. Now that the weather is cooler, we are focused on preparing hearty and satisfying dishes for you to try. And for those who prefer something lighter, we still have an excellent selection of cold starters and delicately flavored fish dishes to tempt your palate. See you soon, friends!